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Gardens watered by running streams

performatic theatre play

Gardens watered by running streams

On September 28, 2011 the american ministry of justice released a document related to the September 11 attacks. The paper which was written in arabic and by hand is called Spiritual Instruction and proofs the religious motivations of the terrorist attacks. The perpetrators are promised to get into paradise after their deaths.

The performatic play Gardens Watered by Running Streams deals with that paradise, with the longing for the hereafter, the disappointment in the present. The performance is centered around the challenges faced by individuals who feel socially excluded, left behind and therefore hope to find redemption in an ideology or religion.

Based on a poetry of intertextuality the play cites texts like the aforementioned Spiritual Instruction, the prayer Our Father and the Quran.

Upcoming shows: 16th of February 18:00 Centro de Cultura y Arte Esbronceda, Barcelona


postdramatic theatre play


What cycles do we experience throughout our lives? How do they begin and why is it so important that we let them end when their time comes. Under the direction of Xana Sousa we created the postdramatic theatre play CICLES which premiered in may 2017 at the MINIFEST theatre festival of the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.

Directed by Xana Sousa. Actors and co-creators: Ana Bustamante, Gregor Eistert, Cecilia Genovart, Gabriel Villaverde

Watch the production video
Take a look at the project dossier (SPA)



The Catalan author Carlos Be wrote the story of Valentin, a boy who had to endure a horrible childhood under the dominance of his brutal father. Years later, Valentin, now a travesty artist, remembers his past and how he chose his new name: Achicoria.

Directed by Iria Moreno
Written by Carlos Be
Actor: Gregor Eistert



theatre production | dance


In 2015 I staged my own interpretation of Samuel Beckett's ALIENTO at the university of Alcalá, Spain. Through a combination of video, sound and contemprorary dance the audiance is confronted with the opposition of inhalation | exhalation, love | rejection, life | death.

Coreography: Gregor Eistert
Dancers: Laura-Marie Sturtz, Julia Chepanova, Gregor Eistert

Photos by Paolo Satta


Am Ende Weiss


written by Gregor Eistert and Raphaela Vallon, directed by Gregor Eistert
cinematography: Raphaela Vallon, produced by Farah Hakim
editing and visual styles: Christina Weber, audio and soundtrack: Dennis Roth and Joachim Weber

The 2014 shortfilm is centered around him who has to die but doesn't want to and her who wants to die but doesn't have to. Albert (Walter Sachers) who was diagnosed with incurable cancer is hiking one last time towards the top of a mountain. On the way he meets Johanna (Sophie Hichert) who can't cope with her past and plans to end her life. What follows is a conversation in which each of them has to justify their intentions not only in front of the other one but above all in front of themselves.

press voices: Salzburg 24 (ger)



The new priest of the small, idillic village Wolfsfeld has been asked to attend the Bishop who wants to know what exactly happened since the installment of the priest. He wants to know, if there have been any incidents concerning the village children. The priest begins to tell his version of the story but the bishop keeps asking for details and the romanticized tale of the priest starts to shatter.

written and directed by Gregor Eistert
cinematography: Raphaela Vallon, produced by Farah Hakim, colourgrading: Alexander Grader, editing: Christina Weber, audio: Mathias Bergsmann, soundtrack: Corinna Drebes

Tolerant genug?

tedx talk

Especially since the Eurovision Songcontest 2014 Austria is widely viewed as a very tolerant country. However, Austrians themselves have different opinions on that matter y many think that tolerance is actually lacking. But why is tolerance so important and what benefits does each and everyone of us have by being more tolerant.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.

High Voltage

Birthday invitation

The collage, created for the HIGH VOLTAGE birthday party displaying the host and some of his hobbies and passions, was used for the invitation, as well as for menues, posters and event programme.

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